MOVE Models

The MOVE SDK offers to detect different modes of transport and driving services. The host app can configure which driving services to activate and modes of transport to detect by setting the MoveConfig object when initializing the MOVE SDK.

The host app can only configure its MOVE SDK services to the set or subset of services subscribed by the MOVE project ID in the MOVE dashboard. You will get a failure list with MoveError.Unauthorized error if services are not configured.

data class MoveConfig(
    var moveDetectionServices: List<MoveDetectionService> ...


sealed class MoveDetectionService {

    class Driving(val drivingServices: List<DrivingService>? = null) : MoveDetectionService()
    object Cycling : MoveDetectionService()
    class Walking(val walkingServices: List<WalkingService>? = null) : MoveDetectionService()
    object Places : MoveDetectionService()
    object PublicTransport : MoveDetectionService()
    object PointsOfInterest : MoveDetectionService()
    object AutomaticImpactDetection : MoveDetectionService()
    object AssistanceCall : MoveDetectionService()


Please check also the platform specific configuration pages (Android / iOS).

Each MoveConfig requires one or more permissions (see for Android and iOS). Individual MOVE SDK services will not function without the required permissions. Check MoveSDKState for more details.

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