Access Control

Manage developer rights

This page allows you to add developer colleagues to this project in the MOVE Dashboard. Make sure that your colleague has registered with the MOVE Dashboard previously. Then enter her/his email address and role in order to add her/him to the project. Next time your colleague loads the MOVE Dashboard, s/he will be able to select the project in the drop-down list located on top of the navigation bar.

You can choose between an "admin" and a "reader" role. An admin has rights to change the configuration of the project, which has direct implications on monthly cost. A reader is mainly able to view user contracts in the "Timeline" section. We recommend you use the "reader" role for e.g. frontend developers or testers.

Delete Project

On this page you are also able to delete the project.

Attention! If you delete the project, you no longer have access to the data.

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