Points of Interest

Get notified when user is close by

In addition to detecting user movements as timeline items, the MOVE SDK also offers to detect real-time-activities whenever a user is close to a specific location. You can define such a location as a "Point of Interest" by either right-clicking on the map, using the "add Point of Interest"-button beneath the map or by importing a CSV-list.

A Point of Interest is defined by the following mandatory characteristics:

  • Name - any string you choose for your PoI

  • Latitude/Longitude - GPS location on the map

Trigger optional properties:

  • In Trip - trigger a POI notification even if a user is in a trip (e.g. CAR, CYCLING, PUBLIC TRANSPORT). Please note that the frontend (iOS, Android) may bouncing back and forth between trip detection, whenever the user is moving outside with some speed or due to GPS jumps. Those wrong data will be filtered.

  • On Enter - a POI event is triggered when entering the POI

  • On Exit - a POI event is triggered when leaving the POI

  • Active - the POI is active (or not)

  • Tags - you may want to add tags to the POI for your convenience. These tags will be forwarded to you in the POI event that is sent through the Generic Notifier.

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