All permissions granted but I don’t have trips, what is wrong?

The issue might be caused by third-party battery saver apps. For instance, Honor and Huawei devices have built-in launch settings (found in Battery usage details) that manage apps automatically by default. This setting can cause GPS and network restrictions for the Move SDK when it runs in the background. We recommend disabling this feature to ensure proper functionality.

Can I use Move SDK on several devices with the same user?

You can only use one device at a time. When you log in on a new device, the token for the Move SDK on the previous device becomes invalid.

How can I enhance trip detection percentage on the Android?

Resolve all errors and warnings reported by Move SDK. To see errors you can use the Get Service Failures function or set up Service Error Listener. To see warnings you can use Get Service Warnings or set up Service Warning Listener.

  1. Use the Force Trip Recognition feature in cases where you know the trip is ongoing.

  2. Use the Keep in foreground feature.

  3. Use the Keep active feature.

What is authentication state invalid?

MoveAuth is session-based, hence it expires and requires to be renewed. For simplicity, the MOVE SDK handles refreshing the token for the host app whenever it expires.

In case the MOVE SDK fails to refresh authentication, because of a conflicting login on another device, or because the user was blocked on the backend, it will trigger MoveAuthState.invalid. The host app is expected to logout the user and callshutdown(force: true)(Android / iOS).

Do you use swagger files? Where can I find these swagger files?
When should you use a WRITE ONLY API Key?

An API Key should never be stored on a frontend device. However, for testing purposes, you can create a WRITE ONLY Key. This key allows you to register a User directly from your end device without involving a backend. It's important to note that this key cannot fetch user data.

How can I retrieve SDK User data via API?

In the Move Dashboard, you can access the CAR icon which provides helpful links for retrieving SDK User Data via HTTP requests. For authentication, use your SDK Project ID as the username and your API Key as the password.

Where do I get technical support?

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