MOVE Dashboard

Getting Started
The MOVE Dashboard at is (a) the console where you can set up and configure your MOVE projects, and (b) the initial place for inspecting and troubleshooting your MOVE apps.
If you already created your project in the MOVE Dashboard, and obtained a product ID and API key, you can skip this chapter and explore first steps for Android, iOS and React.

Registration and first project

On first opening the page, please register and enter your details. Note that your first couple of users are free, so you can experiment with the MOVE SDK.
After your first login, you will see a pretty empty space. You can create your first MOVE project, using the
in the bottom of the navigation bar. If you created multiple projects, you can select your project in the drop-down list in the top of the navigation bar.
  • key - copy the key from here
  • audience - you can set this to whatever roles or rights segmentation you like to use in your systems; not relevant for MOVE
  • write-only - two different key types are available: write only (write-only=true; for all SDK functions that send and process data), and read-write (write-only=false; for all SDK functions / APIs you may use for reading data)