MOVE Swagger

MOVE Backend APIs
The most current version of the MOVE backend APIs can be found in the Swagger documentation. The base URL of the MOVE SDK is:

Applying the Swagger

You can use the Swagger as our most up-to-date documentation of the backend APIs. If you want to "Try it out" as offered in the Swagger, please note that you need to "Authorize" your access to your MOVE project beforehand. There is a respective button on the top right of the Swagger:
  • Press "Authorize" in the Swagger
  • Use the basicAuth
  • Username: corresponds to the project ID of your MOVE project, which you can find in "Configuration section" of the MOVE dashboard.
  • Password: corresponds to your API key from the respective section in the MOVE Dashboard. (Please note that any of your keys works, but make sure it is "write only" = false).
In addition to using the Swagger for human documentation you can use it to automatically generate your client. Use the Swagger generator of your programming language and your choice.


The MOVE SDK uses Basic Authentication. Username is your project Id and password is your API Token.
Authorization: Basic cHJvamVjdElkOmFwaUtleQ==
cHJvamVjdElkOmFwaUtleQ== is Base64 encode of projectId:apiKey.
API Keys can be found in the MOVE Dashboard, it is also possible to create new ones there.


With every response, a signature is being sent in the "X-Dolphin-Signature" Header. The signature is calculated as an HMAC with SHA-256 of the request body, with the secret (token) you gave us during the receiver setup. The format of the header is "sha256=<base64-encoded-hash>".