Returns the current SDK Authentication State.

enum class MoveAuthState {



Latest MoveAuth expired and the SDK can't refresh it.


Authentication is valid. Latest MoveAuth provided.


The SDK authorization state when SDK is uninitialized.

Authentication updates and expiry

MoveAuth is session-based, hence it expires and requires to be renewed. For simplicity, the MOVE SDK handles refreshing the token for the host app whenever it expires and passes the new MoveAuth when updated via authStateChangeListener (Android / iOS) API callback.

In case the SDK fails to refresh authentication, it will trigger MoveAuthState.expired. The host app is expected to fetch a new token with the product's API Key and then call update(auth: MoveAuth)(Android / iOS) API.

Authentication Updates

The host app is responsible for monitoring MoveAuthState updates and handling its state updates by:

  • .expired: Requesting new Auth using the product's API Key and then passing it to the SDK using update(auth: MoveAuth) API.

  • .valid(MoveAuth): Persisting the new MoveAuth provided by the SDK, so the app can pass this new MoveAuth next time it is initializing the SDK.

MoveAuthState related APIs

getSDKAuthState (Android / iOS)

Gets the current MoveAuthState.

setSDKAuthUpdatesListener (Android / iOS)

Block to be invoked every time MoveAuthState changes.

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