React Native

Getting Started


npm install react-native-move-sdk --save
yarn add react-native-move-sdk




  1. Using the terminal, access the iOS folder in your project

  2. Run $pod install

  3. Open the .xcworkspace folder using Xcode

  4. Go to the Capabilities tab of your target settings

  5. Turn on Background Modes and enable Location updates


Include the maven repository to your gradle build script, where the MOVE SDK package is located.

maven { 
    url "" 

Add the dependency for the MOVE SDK Android library to your module (app-level) Gradle file (usually app/build.gradle).


System Permissions

Based on the passed MoveConfigs oninitialization, the SDK determines the required permissions to activate the requested services. If all permissions are granted when the SDK is initialised, it will transit to the MoveSDKState "ready". The host app must verify that all the permissions required for the passed configs are granted. In case the required permissions were missing when calling the SDK initialization API, the MoveSDKState will transit to MoveSDKState "permissionMissingerror".

Check iOS permission handling and Android permission handling for details about permissions and background modes required for each service.

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