API Interface

Detection Services

Start Automatic Detection

Starts the required detection services stated in the MoveConfig passed on initialization. Starting the service will set the MoveSdkState to Running.

Precondition: SDK should be inREADYMoveSdkState.

fun startAutomaticDetection()

Stop Automatic Detection

Stops the automatic detection service, including all SDK services like driving detection, points of interest, walking and places. Stopping the service will set the MoveSdkState back to Ready.

Precondition: SDK should be inRunningMoveSdkState.

fun stopAutomaticDetection()

Force Trip Recognition

Temporarily calibrates the SDK to the highest detection mode.

In order to optimize battery consumption, the SDK goes through different detection modes with different battery consumption levels, depending on the user's current behavior and activity. In general, the SDK is responsible for alternating between those different detection modes.

The SDK also provides hosting apps this API to call if they have their own reasons (like buttons, sensors or beacons) to believe that the user is starting a trip. This will make sure the SDK is on the highest detection state to detect the trip faster.

Precondition: SDK should be inRUNNING MoveSdkState.

fun forceTripRecognition()
fun forceTripRecognition(duration: Long) 





Limit the high power detection to a certain amount of time in milliseconds, to not drain the battery. Default one minute (60 000ms)

Finish Current Trip

Ends the current ongoing trip.

This API will end the ongoing trip and set MoveTripState back to .idle. The SDK is responsible for detecting the trip start and end points. The SDK also provides hosting apps this API to call if they have their own reasons (like sensors or beacons) to believe that the user's trip has ended.

Precondition: MoveTripState should be in an active trip.

fun finishCurrentTrip()

If this API is called while the user is active on a driving trip, a new trip will start again right away. If the intention is to un-track the ongoing trip, call ignoreCurrentTripAPI.

More information about trip states can be found in MoveTripState.

Ignore Current Trip

Ignores the current ongoing trip.

This API will set the ongoing MoveTripState to .ignored. Data of ignored trips is purged and not sent to the server.

Precondition: MoveTripState should be in an active trip.

fun ignoreCurrentTrip()

Processing Services

Keep in foreground

When an Android application is in the background it may receive limited data (location, sensors, etc.). To improve this behavior, it is possible to put the application always in the foreground with a visible notification that cannot be discarded. Just because it's visible it doesn't mean that it is performing any data collection at all. So this should not have any significant battery impact at all.

Disabled by default.

Since it may be annoying to the user, it should only be enabled in case of problems.

fun keepInForeground(enabled: Boolean)

Keep active

To save battery consumption, the SDK is using several triggers to start its data listeners. In case of trouble, these triggers can be circumvented by allowing the MoveSdk to stay active all the time. In that case the SDK is always monitoring required data and is therefore consuming more battery. Depending on the configuration, it may happen that the notification (see notification handling) is always visible to the user.

Disabled by default.

Since this is consuming more battery, it should only be enabled in case of problems.

fun keepActive(enabled: Boolean)

Console logging

Toggles whether the MOVE SDK is allowed to log into the console or not.

Enabled by default.

fun consoleLogging(enabled: Boolean)


Boolean that sets SDK console logging to enabled or not.

Get SDK State

Gets the current MoveSdkState.

fun getSDKState() : MoveSDKState


Latest MoveSdkState.

Get Trip State

Gets the current MoveTripState.

fun getTripState(): MoveTripState

Get Device Status

Gets the current MoveDeviceStatus.

fun getDeviceStatus(): MoveDeviceStatus

Delete Local Data

Deletes all the collected user SDK data stored on the device. This doesn't affect the MoveSdkState.

Precondition: SDK should be initialized.

fun deleteLocalData()

Shutdown SDK

Shutdown SDK shared instance.

Stops SDK services, send the queued user data, and de-initializes the SDK. After that is executed, the MoveSdkState will transit to Uninitialised.

Precondition: SDK should be initialized.

fun shutdown()

Synchronize User Data

Used to force synchronizing user data with the SDK server. Limited to once per 2 minutes.

fun synchronizeUserData()

Returns FALSE in case there are Timeline-relevant packages in the queue that remain to be sent to the SDK Backend; and it returns TRUE in case the queue is empty.

Configuration services

Update authentication

Updates SDK MoveAuth. On SDK auth expiry, the Builder.authStateListener will trigger expired state. The host app is expected to fetch a new MoveAuth using its product API key and pass it to the MoveSdk using the following API:

fun updateAuth(auth: MoveSdk.Auth, onError: (MoveConfigurationError) -> Unit)



Valid auth credentials



Block that gets invoked on auth update completion error. On completion with error, MoveConfigurationError is passed.

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