MOVE Services

The following services are provided out of the box by MOVE.

Trip Detection

The MOVE SDK uses specialized trip detection algorithms to autonomously recognize trips fully in the background, collect relevant data in high frequencies, process the data, then send it to the MOVE platform for further processing.

Mode Of Transport

MOVE will detect different modes of transport, using AI and machine learning algorithms to classify which mode of transportation was used in the trip. The host app can also choose which mode(s) (walking, cycling, driving, public transport) it is interested in detecting.

Driving Behaviour Events

The MOVE platform uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to accurately profile user’s driving behavior by computing scores for driving events like speeding, acceleration, cornering, and braking from the data collected and processed by the MOVE SDK.

Distraction Free Driving

The MOVE platform feeds its machine learning-based DFD analyzer (Distraction-Free Driving) with Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensor data that is collected and processed by the MOVE SDK to compute the driver’s DFD score.

User Timeline

The MOVE platform processes all different collected inputs, from computed activities to different sensor data, to generate a singular merged user timeline representing all the user’s activities throughout a day.

Points of Interest

POI is a great feature provided by the OS that can monitor places of interest of a user, like airports, shops, school zones, etc...The iOS and Android platforms have different/severe limitations on the number of POIs that can be monitored. The MOVE SDK and platform together provide a dynamic layer over the OS where host apps can monitor an unlimited number of POIs for the user.

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