The MOVE SDK enables you to collect location data, motion information and other sensor data from your users’ smartphones. This data is then transmitted to our backend, where it is evaluated, enriched with industry leading machine learning algorithms and applied to a comprehensive 24/7 timeline.

This timeline gives you insights on where your users move and how they get there, be it in the past, the present or even the future (via our prediction algorithms).

With our MOVE SDK, you will gain a deep understanding of your users’ personas and service them in a whole new way, completely transforming the way you interact with them.


Available for iOS and Android

Available for iOS and Android, the MOVE SDK is always up-to-date, using the latest technologies and adapting ahead to new OS features and updates.

Easy integration

Simple SDK setup, clear documentation, sample apps and development support will guarantee a fast and smooth integration of the SDK in any iOS or Android app.

Fully autonomous and self launched

After the SDK is set up and its services are launched, it will handle automatically waking up in the background and collecting the required data in a fully autonomous way, without any user interactions, even if the app is closed.

Battery efficient

Each SDK instance running on a user’s phone learns about its user’s activity, which is then used to personalize its life cycle in the background. This optimizes the SDK for each user based on his/her daily routines and accurately collects data in a battery-efficient manner.

Accurate analysis

The SDK collects GPS and IMU data in high frequencies to accurately analyze the user’s mode of transportation and driving behavior, based on different driving events like phone usage while driving, speeding, acceleration, cornering, and braking.

Optimized bandwidth usage

The SDK uses lightweight intelligent algorithms to process the data on the device before sending it to the server to optimize the bandwidth usage.


You can tune the SDK to your requirements and will only be charged for the services required by your app.

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